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From Winter to Summer

From Winter to Summer
Conductors: The Next Generation

The Israeli Vocal Ensemble
Conductors: Guy Pelc, Dor Magen, Lily Solomonov



N. Shemer/ G. Aldema  Sheleg Al Iri (Snow over my city)
F. Poulenc Un soir de neige
C. Debussy Yver, vous n'estes qu'un villain
C. Saint SaensSérénade d'hiver
Argov/Hillel/BraunRain Storm


R. Vaughan Williams The Spring Time of the Year
Claude Le JeuneRevecy venir du Printans 
C. JanequinLe chant des oiseaux
T. MorleyNow is the month of maying 
G. Rossini


Sven-David Sandström Ah! Sun-flower!
G. GershwinSummertime
F. PoulencFrench Songs

Raanana's Music and Arts hall: Tuesday 26/4/22, 20:30
St. Vincent de Paul Church (Mamila Mall), Jeruaslem: Friday 29/4/22, 11:00
Saint John's church, Haifa: Saturday 30/4/22, 12:00
Tel-Aviv Museum of Arts: Monday 2/5/22, 20:30
Digital Hall, online concert: Monday 2/5/22, 20:30


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