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When art sings

What is the relation between Uri Rizman's painting and Samburski's Song of the Valley? Is there a connection between impressionist artist Berthe Morisot and a Debussy song? Or between the angle-of-view effect on experiencing Yaacov Agam’s painting and that of the positioning of the listener throughout a performance of a musical work? Different types of art are often surprisingly interrelated.

Four singers from the Israeli Vocal Ensemble conductors, led by Yuval Benozer, lead a musical-experiential tour throughout the galleries of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art where they perform music that corresponds with art. Before the performance of music there will be a brief reference to the picture and the music and the connection between them. The tour provides museum visitors the opportunity to experience visual art as a multi-sensory and multi-layered experience.

From the responses of listeners:

"A perfect event from every aspect and angle. A special multi-sensory experience. Walking from place to place while the reverberating singing in the empty-from-visitors museum has created a truly dreamlike experience. Thanks for an experience that will be remembered for a long time."

"a pearl."

"We had an unusual experience, with the opportunity to look at the pictures somewhat differently, and to listen to the chorus again, with a different way of thinking…I was very moved by the image of Chagall's loneliness ..."


Meeting point: Main entrance of the museum.

Tickets to the event also allow entrance to the museum (up to one hour before the show)

Full price: 90 NIS / Discounted Price for Ensemble’s subscriptions: 75 NIS

The event is held in collaboration with the Events department and the Education department of the Tel Aviv Museum of the Art.

Tickets and details: The Israeli Vocal Ensemble at 074-701-2112

Date Time Place Hall Address Order
14/07/2021 18:00 Tel Aviv Museum Shaul Hamelech 27, Tel Aviv Order tickets
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